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Where you focus, your energy flows. Master your focus - master your hour! Master your hour - Master Your DAY! Master your day - MASTER YOUR LIFE! 

Mastering these concepts will turn you into an Enabled, Empowered, Enthused, production machine!

Join THE Conscious Flow Control Master Class!

Focus = Productivity = RESULTS. Your ability to focus is everything. 

"He has shifted my mindset... has improved my business... has improved my life! Clay, you’ve created a monster." - Trevor Page, Founder & CEO

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BUILD your most productive day EVER!

The Conscious Flow Control Master Class will teach you THE habits and practices, help you implement them, and help you master them so you can elevate your productivity into realms you've never imagined!

You WILL get MORE done than EVER before! Some instantly produce 2x the results in half the time! 

Then we will Develop YOUR Personal Measurement System to continuously monitor and upgrade your practices!

We will meet once a week for just over three months.  

The sessions will be 1.5 hours long.  

You will have access to all session recordings.

NEW BONUS JUST ADDED! TWO one on one conversations with Master Trainer - Clay Green!! 

Leverage these intelligently at the beginning, and end of the Master Class to make sure you're focusing on the critical actions to make sure YOUR questions, YOUR issues, and YOUR challenges are completely solved! 

WHAT IS THE Conscious Flow Control Master Class?

What are you not doing, that you know you should be? What ever THAT is, it is caused by YOUR progression blocking triggers! 

Are you frustrated because you KNOW the steps to take, but can’t seem to just TAKE THEM? Your Progression Blocking Triggers are holding you HOSTAGE!  

THE secret and the answer, is RIGHT HERE for you now!  

The Conscious Flow Control Master Class will enable you to overcome your personal PROGRESSION BLOCKING TRIGGERS that are stopping you from taking the actions you KNOW will make the differnce in your life!  

Why is it SO HARD anyway?

YOU, and I, KNOW what we need to do in order to build the business and lifestyle we want, right? 

We KNOW what we need to do in order to have that wonderful relationship we dream of, RIGHT?  

It’s NOT a secret! 

Right now, you can google how to make a million dollars and the steps are RIGHT THERE in a myriad of businesses and markets - all you have to do is follow the simple steps to GET IT DONE, and it’s YOURS! (go search google right now - you can find instructions for ANYTHING!)

Yet, here we sit.  

Here we sit - KNOWING what we should be doing, and consistently NOT GETTING IT DONE! what the heck?  

I want to meditate more. I want to eat healthier. I want to exercise more. I want to be able to JUST DO the tasks I know I need to do!! 

What do YOU want?  

YOU WILL JOIN join a select group of others learning how to use the 3 Key Habits to overcome their personal plateaus, and develop your own system to make sure you’re NEVER stuck again!  

You will learn how our evolved human progression blocking triggers work to stop us all!  

- AND -

You will learn how your personal, learned, and programmed progression blocking triggers stop you EVERY time you try to take a step.  


We will work together and you will learn how to leverage those same triggers into a flow launch sequence!  

What will YOU DO during this Master Class?  

YOU will develop a repeatable, personal process 

that ensures you enter and exit a state of flow every day 

and KICK ASS at those same tasks you’re currently frustrated with!  

You will build your own system to make sure you are aware, and stay aware, 

of all your new and unique limiting beliefs, 

and overcome them on your own!  

Books have been published and released, businesses have been resurrected, businesses have been created, clients have been won, marriages have been saved - and ended! 

What are YOU wrestling with? Let’s just GET IT DONE!  

The price for learning and having the support in implementing these systems is $4,997.  

Your application date determins the price you pay, and the bonuses available! You can NOT purchase this training, it's just too dangerous! You can APPLY NOW! The date your application is submitted will determine your eligibility and discounted prices, along with bonus packages. 

DO NOT WAIT!!! TODAY is the best time for you to START GETTING IT DONE!

PLUS!!! :-0  

If you apply now, you will receive TWO, one on one meetings, with Clay too! That is another $2,000 value, in itself! 

Use 2019 from the START!

WHERE WILL YOU BE Jan 1, 2020!?!?!?!

How does your subconscious stop you?  

Your subconscious has a couple jobs: Keep you SAFE, and reproduce.

Your unconscious mind will NEVER, EVER, EVER - NEVER stop trying to keep you safe. It may eventually chill out and get tired of trying to get sex though... :-) 

Here's the bottom line - physical interactions in your body, HOW you are physically wired, inside your head and body, THOSE facts are what gaurantee you will NEVER outgrow your subconscious. The freakin' Dala Lama (head Budhist Monk on the planet) says the same thing: HE still has the same challenges! Our brains are simply hard wired to hold us still! 

In the first lesson of the Get It Done 101 online training, Clay explains, in detail, HOW this system works. Your subconscious has a direct hard wire to your "Oh Shit Switch". At ANY moment, anywhere, anytime that small inner voice can reach back there and throw that switch and there is NOTHING you can do about it

Your switch being thrown into the 'oh-shit!' state releases chemicals into your neural network, spinal cord, and those chemicals drop down and cause your body to react. 


That reaction is sensed by your brain and labeled with an emotion. THAT is what distracts us, in an infinite number of ways: perfectionism, indecision, challenges with our environment up to and including physical symptoms (like broken leg!), or... Facebook! :-) 

Your have two choices: The hard way, or the easy path. The hard way is described as 'toughing it out' and 'fighting through' your distractions. 

Or... the easy way:

What can you do about it?

The easy path: (I prefer this way, in case you were wondering... It allows me to ENJOY today, not "Hustle until I bust!" 

Recall, from above, after your switch is tripped, chemicals are inserted into your body? Then your body reacts... then you label that physical reaction with an emotion, or decision, or distraction takes over? THAT is the moment of true power in you life. 

Learning to master that moment is where the true power of those 3 habits lies. 

Your ability to be more and more aware of your physical state, insitu - when it's HAPPENING, is the 'trick' of the true masters you've observed in your life. 

Michael Jordan wasn't the biggest, fastest, most naturally talented or tallest. But, he was able to MASTER that moment when he had to decide: Should I eat some cheetos and watch a movie - or should I go shoot for a few hours? He always defaulted to practice.

Why? He had either consciously, or unconscously mastered that situation. 

YOU aren't Michael Jordan - you have to master a LOT of decisions every day to truly master your life. 

Job, family, exercise, diet, business, hobbies, etc... When it's time to make a decision, YOU mastering YOUR life comes down to your ability to THINK - NOT REACT

Wh0 needs THIS Master Class?  

Ninety percent of the people that purchase Get It Done 101, the online course, DON'T GET IT DONE! 

THAT bothers me deeply! THAT is why I've built and am offering this mastermind - to help the 90% that are like me! (I've stopped offering that class because it isn't effective. I want to HELP YOU! -Clay)

Do you struggle to actually apply the vast amount of wisdom and lessons you've learned? 

Examples: Do you have credit card debt? Are you actively investing your savings and retirment account? Are you passionately engage with your significant other's life? Are you fully engaged in your spouse's, child's, or parent's lives? Are you exerting your primary energies in the direction you truly desire?

"I know what I should be doing, but..." -THIS mastermind is for you!

Learning to apply the simple, easy, foundational habits, in the appropriate ways to attain the life YOU desire, is what it's all about! No more going to bed frustarted because you KNEW what you "should have" gotten done today, but you just didn't do it... NO MORE! Now, you will have the foundational, enabling habits in place and simply GET IT DONE! 

What is going to happen?  

YOU are going to GET IT DONE!

Lesson #1 of Get It Done 101 is "Think, Do Not React". You understanding HOW your brain is physically stopping you will be first. 

Then, applying the approprite meditation, journaling, and gratitude practices to make SURE you maximize your awareness of that moment when your body is triggered. YOU finding that moment, understanding it, recognizing it and learning to MANAGE it is EVERYTHING! 

Control over your decisions, no more 'indecision' or 'distractions' - you will be able to THINK, not REACT!

And that's where the fun begins!! NOW, in the next few months, you will learn how to leverage that moment MOST effectively to achieve YOUR goals

While it is simple, the challenge is overcoming YOUR specific challenges - and that is where the REAL value begins! 

YOUR Master Class, in a mastermind format, will surround you with like minded people doing the same work. 

Your connection to your team will provide you the NEEDED social identity to allow you to become the person you want to be! 


Weeks 1-3  

We will focus on YOU growing the 3 Habits; meditation, journaling, and gratitude.  

You will become intimate with the 3 Habits. You will gain a deeper understanding of the primary lesson - Think, Do Not React.  

You will focus on bringnging awareness into your body, and learning different ways to recognize and manage your currently unconscoius reactions, actions, and behaviors.  

Weeks 4-7  

Your limiting beliefs are all that ever stops you, and your subconscious will never stop creating new limiting beliefs to keep stopping you!  

You will explore your subconscious beliefs and how these have held you back, but most importantly - You will develop new triggers, habits, and practices to instill new EMPOWERING and ENABLING beliefs!  

Youwill also explore your Belief Circles, thoroughly, learn to manage your current goals and start growing them as well!  

You will learn to integrate your specific base level desires, needs and surface level goals into this framework so you can manage, test, adjust and EXCEL at striving toward your goals, effectively, daily and consistently GET IT DONE!  

You will also start developing your own "flowometer"! We are all different and have different experiences and depths of flow, we will build your flow-meter so you can judge, for yourself, how effectively you are utilizing the state of flow!  

Weeks 8-10  

Constant growth of these habits and practices is necessary for most of us.  

By now, you've established a consistent daily habit, now it's time to start exploring and testing and adjusting for optimization for you and YOUR goals.  

We will explore how we don't always have appropriate targets, we will analyze business and persaonal goals and optimize your goals for YOUR flow state management - all so you can Get It Done! And achieve those goals! Your daily launch and nightly landing routines will also start playing a vital role in your daily state management routine!  

Weeks 11-12

Wrapping up this 3 month mastermind, you will integrate new and exciting habits to serioulsy level up your game.  

Why? Because NOW, more than ever, you are enabled and empowered with the super power of being aware of your body's reaction to your desires.  

NOW, you can start, effectively test, and adjust habits at your will!  

No more 'I should have, but didn't' situations!  

You WIN! 

Don't Take Our Word For It...

Ryan Jett - From over $50,000 in debt, to being a debt free business owner traveling the world with his family!

"The energy has shifted" 

10 weeks into a previous Get It Done Mastermind! 

Alexandra is AMAZING - and BRAVE! -->

How Do I Get Started?  

APPLY NOW for the best bonus package and price possible! APPLY today for the BEST options! 

The price is $4,997. (unless you apply before advertised special offer dates, then applicable discounts and bonuses apply)

Set yourself up to WIN by establishing and growing your ability to NEVER be plateaued again!

You will learn, and implement:

-The 3 Key Habits

-State of Flow Launch and Landing Routines

-Awareness, and corrective actions to overcome your Peronal, and our shared Human Progress Blocking Triggers

-Your own Progress Blocking Trigger Avoidance System


While we don't anticipate an end to this mastermind, Each has limited seating! Also, prices are subject to change without notice, Apply today to ensure you get the best pricing and availability! 

APPLY TODAY! Depending on application date, discounts apply - and special bonuses are included for early implementers!

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