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What is the ONE thing every successful entrepreneur shares?

"Analyze the record of any man who has accumulated a great fortune, and many of those who have accumulated modest fortunes, and you will find that they have either consciously, or unconsciously employed the Master Mind principle." 
Napoleon Hill wrote that in "Think and Grow Rich" around 1935.

"YOUR associations will determine your results - period. So, choose wisely!" -Clay Green (and a lot of others!)

What is a Custom Mastermind?

Mastermind - by Napoleon Hill

"The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony.'

Whether it is custom, or you join an existing group, YOU are the reason this mastermind is built! What do you need, now, and in the foreseeable future to empower, embolden, and lift you?

Searching, struggling alone, wrestling with hard decisions can all be a thing of the past! Sleepless nights, worry and anxiety about "did I make the right decision?", or "Which is the right direction?" These uncomfortable, frustrating moments disappear when you have a solid, reliable team of experts that are there for you! 

We all find it easier to use our superpowers to help others. By joining a mastermind you will have a team of experts helping YOU! And, YOUR superpowers will be fully utilized as well! 

There are two things that make CHPC Custome Masterminds different - 
1. The Certified High Performance Coaching model, from Brendon Burchard's High Performance Institute
2. Our proven results

How Clay will build your Mastermind

Clay Green has helped dozens and dozens of struggling entrepreneurs identify and overcome the ONE thing that holds everyone back. Regardless of the model you choose to pursue for your path to your dreams, you will hit roadblocks and struggles. Having been there himself, Clay knows the difference between those 'overnight sensations' and those of us that seem to be bound by consistent, constant struggle! 

Over and over, words like-
"It was really awesome to bounce that off someone who understands where I'm at and why I might not be where I want to be. Then to understand and identify what might be holding me up so I can work on eliminating it." (Joey Monroe, Entrepreneur) 
-are consistently being said after a short session with Clay!

Why? Because unlike those 'superstar hot shots' that are already making tens or hundreds of thousands per month and say things like "Figure it out!" when you struggle, Clay understands exactly what is holding you back,and wants to help you. His expertise in areas of adult learning, flow state, and your physical brain are what empower you with the knowledge that the superstar hot shots seem unwilling to help you with. 

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What will you accomplish with your Mastermind?

Does this sound familiar? 
" personal struggle is that the groups meet for an hour a week and it's a nice social hour but the value for me has been dropping off lately."

Without specialized training, most aren't ready or willing to add "managing a mastermind" to their already cram packed schedules... That's why we are here! Along with currated High Performance Coaching, your group will be empowered to leverage each other, consistently growing each other's strengths and augmenting your needs.

Depending on the level of interaction, your mastermind will include, at a minimum one session per month of intense focus upon those CHPC principles. You will then go on to utilize your mastermind and various methods of accountability to lock in those habits, behaviors, and practices to ensure consistent action on your part! Stop stopping! Stop being hindered and held back by yourself!

Why do YOU NEED a mastermind?

Really easy to answer this question! Simply too many references and resources that all resound the SAME advice: Surround yourself with people on your same path.

The links below are multiple examples of perspectives on masterminds. We provide them as proof that deciding to actively build, foster, and grow your core group is one of the most critical decisions you must make now
-Forbes, Stephanie Burns

-Smart Passive Income, Pat Flynn

-Finally, this quote from Kate Erickson at Entrepreneur on Fire
"YES, masterminds are really THAT important, because once you personally experience the power behind a mastermind community, everything in your business and your entire mindset changes."

Get Your $250 Strategy Session, at no-cost, Here

A Few Satisfied Clients

Ryan Jett 
Director, Business Development, Trainium

"...gave me the clarity and direction to completely shift my career and perform at a much higher level.

Soon after working with Clay, I was representing a new company and pitching million dollar deals.It was really mind blowing.
This was a complete shift from what I had been doing and working with Clay was a central factor in that transition.

It's amazing how quickly things can change when you are able to focus and push forward in the right direction and operate from your highest self.

Clay gave me that and his coaching has been an essential component in my recent success."

Matt Queen
Founder, CEO SocialPraise

Matt's story (link) is a 2 minute video that deserves to be watched. Matt is an incredible founder of multiple businesses. His success and growth is simply amazing. A few of his words from the video:

"He is passionate, and he's on fire for everything he does..."
"He put a lot of important connections in place... To get me connected to the right people at the right time, to help take me (and my business) to the next level." 

It's hard to quote the part about where Matt ends up sitting on a couch, jamming with one of the most succesful business coaches out there today... you should really watch his video to see why he says:

"That's why I refer to Clay as "The Great Connector".

Get Your $250 Strategy Session, at no-cost, Here
Jeff Wenberg
Head Product Educator, LeadPages

Clay helped me get clear on a couple things that I could see being game changers for what I do, in terms of how to radically improve what I do. I Haven't been this excited in quite a while. If you want to talk to someone who knows how to get the information you already possess out of you, adn point out important things you say in passing, Clay is your guy. Super super good stuff and I'd recommend every business owner/entrepreneur/buesines teams talk with him. 

Avra Fainer
High Performance Coach &
Business Communications Strategist

Avra's 10 things to share about Clay Green:
1. He is an absolute Bad-A**.
2. He is a phenomenal coach, guide and mentor.
3. He is there when you need him, 100%.
4. He is super-supportive, giving and compassionate.
5. He is one of the best connectors I've ever met.
6. His mindset is the definition of high performance--inspirational, forward-thinking and optimistic.
7. He's amazing at helpling others to succeed.
8. His philosophies on life, success and performance are incredibly relatable and important.
9. He consistently strives for exellence in everything he does.
10. He is incredibly clear and directed in his intentions, projects and goals--Clay excels at making powerful things happen for his clients. 

Essentially, long story short -- you want this man on your side, because he will help you succeed beyond your wildest imaginings!

Get Your $250 Strategy Session, at no-cost, Here

What will you get?

Clay Green, Founder

Clay's passion for helping others has driven him his entire life, and that drive is enabling him, as a Certified High Performance Coach, to bring the CHPC model from Brendon Burchard's High Performance Institute to small groups and empower individuals like never before! The CHPC model is normally accesible only through exclusive one on one coaching, usually cost prohibitive! Now, your small group has that same high level coaching at your fingertips!

Imagine having repetitive sessions like this:
"In one session he helped me understand how my brain is wired to maintain the status quo, which in my case causes 'analysis paralysis', making taking action cumbersome at times. he coached me to be aware of when this is happening, so that i can make a practice of identifying when analysis paralysis is stopping me from doing what I need to move my projects forward! Amazing!" - Suja Shyam

Imagine how wonderful it is going to be when you remove those hindrances with simple, easy to implement practices and habits! What will stop you then? 

Certified High Performance Coaching

Monthly training will be provided to help elevate all members in High Performance Principles. These focus upon the proven 5 areas all high performers excel in: Clarity, Energy, Courage, Productivity, and Influence. 

By providing you with the proven system of Certified High Performance Coaching(tm), it is guaranteed you will not only be empowered with a great group of friends... You will also be given the proven techniques, strategies, and practices that help the greats like Michael Jordan, Elon Musk, Tony Robbins, Brendon Burchard, Professional athletes, all produce the results they have! 

Mastermind meeting management

We will organize, host, and manage your team's meetings. Records keeping, Goals established, metrics for performance, all aspects of meeting scheduling and maintenance will be provided. By following established and proven methods in meeting coordination, management, and focus, your core team can't help but propel themselves in any direction they choose to go! Utilizing a mastermind and operating with even the basic High Performance practices has been the pattern to success in every endeavor ever attained. Moon landings, Olympic medals, Best selling books written, Successful businesses built- they all followed a proven system of approach.

Finally, what makes a great group?

YOU! The single ingredient that makes everything possible is simply - YOU. Bringing your dreams, desires, perspectives, experiences, and wisdom to your custom mastermind will empower and propel others and you forward on your journey! 

Overcoming the hurdles, propeling yourself and others by sharing your superpowers without worrying about the details and minuitia of wrangling everybody's personalities. 

Bottom line -

If you have questions bouncing around your head, get the answers by initiating this process for yourself! This is a zero risk, completely free (at this time) one on one session valued at $250, to see if you will fit in any of our current masterminds. 

Get Your $250 Strategy Session, at no-cost, Here