What you will receive

Years of coaching entrepreneurs and business owners helped Clay to develop and perfect Get it One 101 . It includes lifetime access to the complete video tutorials:

Think, Do Not React - Explains why you react to stressful situations instead of creating manageable solutions, step by step guide on how to train your mind to interrupt your habitual reactions

Belief Circles - FEEL the difference between belief and disbelief, and learn how to stretch your belief in your abilities.

Targets - teaches to accurately set achievable goals, using the belief circles that you now have identified and stretched 

Daily Actions - Obtain habits and practices that successful people use DAILY and learn to implement them consistently.


Continual Support - structured study guides that contain homework + high performance secrets + encouragement to help you Get More Done! 

Get it Done 101 Graduate Group - A regular opportunity to get up close and personal in a group format with Clay for live coaching, Q&A, tips and motivation! **when you complete GID101**

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Meet Your Instructor! 

In the Navy, Clay was responsible for training Nuclear Reactor Operators to safely and confidently operate a reactor, without being distracted - even by a fire burning next to them, or 'torpedo in the water'! 

As a motorcycle instructor, Clay helped hundreds of adult riders understand how to master their survival reactions. By implementing Clays instruction, they can now calmly survive ANY danger that they encounter on the road.

Today, Clay is focusing his efforts on people like YOU. He will help you understand how your subconscious affects every decision you face oftentimes completely unknown to us! Quickly, and easily you can unlock your greatest potential using High Performance practices and habits.  


Learn how your subconscious has been programmed to follow the same recurring patterns for a LONG time - and more importantly, what to do about it NOW to rewire yourself for the future you desire!


You will be empowered with a deeper understanding and the specific actions to redirect your efforts toward the High Performance habits, practices and tactics that will dramatically increase your results!


The community providing you an outside perspective will help you get it done! Now you'll have a community that sees the best in you, and helps you to live up to your potential! Stay focused, directed, enabled and empowered to CONSISTENTLY take the right actions! 

By the end of Get it Done 101 you will have...

THE Knowledge and understanding to ensure you apply the habits, practices, and tactics to enable your subconscious to help you move toward your goals, faster than you ever have before. 

An acute awareness of how your subconscious has been following recurring, learned patterns for a LONG time to hold you back. 

You will have simple habits and triggers in place to break patterns, and that compound your efforts on your future actions. 

A community working alongside you, to help you Get it Done! 

New and exciting opportunities to work with Clay closely, and have the chance to receive coaching if you ever get stuck. 

Successful Students 

"Soon after working with Clay, I was representing a new company and pitching million dollar deals. It was really mind blowing. This was a complete shift from what I had been doing and working with Clay was a central factor in that transition. "

Ryan J.

 "[Clay] helped me understand how my brain is wired to maintain the status quo, which in my case, causes 'analysis paralysis,' making taking action cumbersome at times. He coached me to be aware of when this is happening, so that I can make a practice of identifying when analysis paralysis is stopping me from doing what I need to move my projects forward. Amazing!"  

Sujata S.

"Clay helped me get clear on a couple things that I could see being game changers for what I do. Super super good stuff and I'd recommend every business owner / entrepreneur / business teams talk with him!" 

Jeff W. Leadpages  

Don't Wait, Start Getting It Done Today!