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Get It Done 101!

Are you struggling to take the actions you KNOW will make the difference in your life? Clay has mastered helping you master YOUR unconscious minds and limiting beliefs to GET IT DONE! 

Master your mind, and your life will follow!!! 

To do that, you must develop the habits that will enable you to simply, and consistently GET IT DONE! We will all be working together to start and grow these habits ALL YEAR LONG!

3 Habits Development and Optimization

 Twice a month, YOU will have untethered access to Clay to help grow your necessary habits, adjust those habits, and MASTER your mind to make SURE you consistently are getting it done!  

Consistent monitoring, testing, adjustment and optimization of YOUR 3 Habits practice will ensure you're always on track! 

High Performance

High Performance is defined as heightened and sustained levels of performance, above the standard norm, over the long term. 

Explore the areas of focus, below. The bottom line is YOU consistently focusing on these areas, and consistently improving YOUR skills and expertise in these areas is the proven method to become, and stay, a TRUE High Performing Individual.

These 6 areas of focus will be rotated, and every meeting will expose habits, tactics, practices, and principles in these areas to help you stay focused, and consistently grow.


Do you feel you are clear about who you are, your purpose, and the direction you want to go in life? 

We will help define your purposes, clarify your reasons, and develop habits to MAINTAIN your focus on YOUR purpose so you can consistently move toward your ideal outcomes.


Do you consistently have enough mental and physical energy needed to excel, accomplish your goals, and feel motivated and happy? 

Everything from diet, to sleep, to alarm settings, to right bedtime habits will be discussed, optimized and YOU will develop the habits that the world's highest achievers use to grow and maintain their energy every day!


Are you consistently focused and effective, and are you good at minimizing distractions and maintaining priorities?

With an infinite resource, like the internet, providing you an infinite supply of 'You would do better if you did it this, or that way" hacks and distractions, HOW are you supposed to figure out what the the REAL best way to get it done really is? That is what we will discover, together, for you. Everyone is different. YOU focusing on YOUR habits is the answer, Join us and let's stay focused!


Do you take action and consistently express who you truly are and what you truly think, need, and desire with the world?

Understanding the Get It Done 101 principles of Think, Do Not React, Belief Circles, and Targets is the foundation we will start with. Then, learning how to Identify your highest leverage actions, and moving forward with those plans is how you will consistently move toward your goals and life's desires!


Do you feel you have the social influence with your family, friends, and team needed to accomplish your goals?

Your ability to illicit support from those people in your life is a vital component of succeeding in your goals. You will learn how the most influential people on the planet are able to garner that influence, and practice the skills necessary for YOU to gain that same support!


Is it necessary, for you, or not?

If you have a reason to get it done, that is large enough, you will. Surprisingly, this has previously been believed to either be an inherent aspect of someone, or they just 'didn't have it'. Well, good news, it's a skill! It's a skill that can be built through practice! 

That means that while, right now, you may struggle because know what needs to get done in order for you to get where, or what, you want - but you're just not getting it done...

After applying the practices to exercise and tone your 'necessary muscle', you wil be UNSTOPPABLE! 

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WHY NOT? - Content

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WHY NOT? - Interaction

Most membership programs don't provide a consistent interaction, well... THIS exclusive membership provides you at least 2 opportunities every month to get your questions answered, directly and immediately by Clay, and provides LIVE training, with YOUR participation!

WHY NOT? - Cost

Some memberships are as much as $999 per month; or $499 per month! Well, not this one!!

WHY NOT? - I don't have the time

No one does. We ALL have 24 hours every day. HOW you decide to invest those hours is the ONLY thing tha will make a difference for you tomorrow!!! THAT is exactly why this is THE PLACE to invest your time. The topics, lessons, content and practices are DIRECTLY PROVEN to improve your decision making, focus, and ability to get where YOU want to be!

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You will receive, upon enrolling everything described above, plus the next 10 8 to enroll will receive their own Journal, their own set of meditation beads, and a special gift: A complete ebook on practicing gratitude!

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Why Clay Green?

In the Navy, Clay was responsible for training Nuclear Reactor Operators to safely and confidently operate a reactor, without being distracted - even by a fire burning next to them, or 'torpedo in the water'! 

As a motorcycle instructor, Clay helped hundreds of adult riders understand how to master their survival reactions. By implementing Clays instruction, they can now calmly survive ANY danger that they encounter on the road.

Today, Clay is focusing his efforts on people like YOU. He will help you understand how your subconscious affects every decision you face oftentimes completely unknown to us! Quickly, and easily you can unlock your greatest potential using High Performance practices and habits.  


Learn how your subconscious has been programmed to follow the same recurring patterns for a LONG time - and more importantly, what to do about it NOW to rewire yourself for the future you desire!


You will be empowered with a deeper understanding and the specific actions to redirect your efforts toward the High Performance habits, practices and tactics that will dramatically increase your results!


Our community providing you an outside perspective will help you get it done! Now you'll have a community that sees the best in you, and helps you to live up to your potential! Stay focused, directed, enabled and empowered to CONSISTENTLY take the right actions! 

The Plan:

Continuously focus on:

Get It Done 101 Practices including Meditation, Journaling, Gratitude - How you are performing these habits; how to adjust them; how to test them and grow them

State of Flow: Make sure safety is observed; Principles and practices to help you optimize your work session flow states, safely

High Performance: Rotating focus on topics, one per month; constant focus on helping you consistently improve your habits, practices, and skills in the critical areas discussed above

Questions and Answers: The meeting will always include time for questions and answers from you! This will be a meeting, not a broadcast

Here's the anticipated Schedule: (recordings will be private, and available to all subscribed!)

Noon pacific time zone, on January 12 and 27; February 9 and 24; March 9 and 24: April 6 and 21; May 4 and 19; June 1, 16 and 29; July 14 and 27; August 11 and 24; September 8 and 21; October 6 and 19; November 3 and 16; December 1 and 14.

*All dates subject to change, with as much notice as possible provided to ensure you maintain access.

What are YOU going to do NOW to prepare for the year 2020?

Sign up now to secure your spot! Limited seating is available! 

Previous Happy Clients Include: 

"Soon after working with Clay, I was representing a new company and pitching million dollar deals. It was really mind blowing. This was a complete shift from what I had been doing and working with Clay was a central factor in that transition. "

Ryan J.

 "[Clay] helped me understand how my brain is wired to maintain the status quo, which in my case, causes 'analysis paralysis,' making taking action cumbersome at times. He coached me to be aware of when this is happening, so that I can make a practice of identifying when analysis paralysis is stopping me from doing what I need to move my projects forward. Amazing!"  

Sujata S.

More Testimonials Here - LINK

"Clay helped me get clear on a couple things that I could see being game changers for what I do. Super super good stuff and I'd recommend every business owner / entrepreneur / business teams talk with him!" 

Jeff W. Leadpages  

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