Hi, Iā€™m Clay Green.

I empower high tech engineers, executives, business owners and other professionals with the high performance habits and tactics necessary to get what they want, in today's hectic and often overwhelming world.

Develop these 3 vital habits now and achieve any goal you set! Start with only 5 minutes a day!
(Bonus: Learn the reason most people don't build these habits and how to overcome it!)

I have helped...

  • Entrepreneurs overcome challenges, continue building fortunes and impacting the world.
  • Executives making life changing decisions for themselves and those in the culture they help establish daily.
  • Engineers and executives with high stress careers making million dollar decisions every day.
  • US Navy Nuclear Reactor Operators staying calm in casualty operations.
  • Saving new motorcycle rider's lives and helping racers shave their lap times too.

Andrew Kaplan.

"Clay is a MASTER CONNECTOR. A true entrepreneur working to change the world."

Ryan Jett.

"Working with Clay gave me the clarity and direction to completely shift my career and perform at a much higher level.

Soon after working with Clay, I was representing a new company and pitching million dollar deals. It was really mind blowing. This was a complete shift from what I had been doing and working with Clay was a central factor in that transition."

Avra Fainer.

"Clay is a PHENOMENAL coach, guide and mentor. He is super supportive, giving and there when you need him 100%. His mindset is THE definition of High Performance. He is an absolute bad ass."

Matt Queen.

"He is passionate, and he's on fire for everything he does... He put a lot of important connections in place... To get me connected to the right people at the right time, to help take me (and my business) to the next level.

That's why I refer to Clay as "The Great Connector". (Click here to watch Matt's video)

Grow your business results, your career, or simply improve your relationships - today's crazy world demands next level performance from us all.

Grab this short video that explains the 3 base level habits that today's leaders all employ, and that you simply must develop if you're going to compete

"Clay helped me get clear on a couple things that I could see being game changers for what I do, in terms of how to radically improve what I do.

I Haven't been this excited in quite a while. If you want to talk to someone who knows how to get the information you already possess out of you, and point out important things you say in passing, Clay is your guy. Super super good stuff and I'd recommend every business owner/entrepreneur/business teams talk with him. "

Jeff Wenberg.
Head Product Educator, Lead Pages.

I've worked with several coaches over the years, both through my company and on my own. Most of them have been pleasant enough, but didn't really help me change in the ways I wanted to. One coach, however, has had an extraordinary positive impact on my life: Clay Green. I can't say enough good things about him."

Jacqueline Remus.
Vice President, User Experience Research, Design Consumer Strategy at Edmunds.com